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Yawanawa Mulateiro

Yawanawa Mulateiro

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A powerful snuff made with Mulateiro ashes. Mulateiro is known to contain anti-ageing and anti-parasitic properties. The local people also use it as a tea to remedy rheumatism and fevers.

Mulateiro is very relaxing and and provides some relief from accumulated tensions within the mental state.

In Sacred shamanic settings Mulateiro snuff is associated with focus and concentration and is deeply helpful within spiritual works.

Your portal to the Amazon in the UK - Experience the essence of the Amazon with our Yawanawa Mulateiro, a shamanic snuff made by the indigenous Yawanawa tribe. This deeply aromatic sacred blend embodies centuries-old rituals and healing practices. Yawanawa Mulateiro offers a unique path to spiritual awareness and personal insight. 

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