About us

Herbal Dimensions was formed for the purpose of supplying naturally grown, sustainable and ethically sourced botanical products.  We offer an ever expanding selection of dried herbs, incense resins, oils, tinctures and other specialist preparations.  We are passionate about the use of herbs for health, wellbeing and for spiritual/religious purposes.  Our range of products reflect our growing personal interest, discoveries and explorations.

Herbal Dimensions has emerged from a lifetime interest in the study of ethnobotany and herbal knowledge.  We see great value in and have the utmost respect for the inherited herb lore held by many people and traditions around the world.  Our name ‘Herbal Dimensions’ reflects the plethora of herbal systems and knowledge that exist.  Some well known examples are the Western herbal tradition, Chinese herbal medicine, Amazonian herbal medicine & Ayurvedic medicine.  Alongside these major systems are a multitude of various local practices and knowledge.

We aim to engage in business relationships that value the earth’s ecosystems and the people that live in them.  Our products are mainly sourced from small scale growers, collectors, producers or artisans that we have established close relationships with over the years.  This type of relationship allows us to know where our products have come from, how they are grown and how our trade affects the communities of people we trade with.

We support the preservation and proliferation of traditional herbal knowledge by connecting people, plants and the planet.  We have an active interest in the scientific study of traditional herbal knowledge and how scientific study can corroborate ancient knowledge.

Whilst we present information on many of our botanical products we emphasise that we offer all our products without a prescription for any particular use.  Information presented on this website is for educational purposes only.  Further information is widely available both online and elsewhere for the discerning reader.  We would recommend consulting your GP or a qualified herbal practitioner when looking to treat any ailment.

We ask all customers to read our FAQ and Terms and Conditions before ordering. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.