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Arcane Incense Collection

Arcane Incense Collection

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An exquisite & unique range of handcrafted incense blends produced by a skilled local artisan & shaman.
These blends have been created specifically for ceremonial and magickal use purposes. They are crafted with a wide array of high quality natural ingredients in the form of leaves, woods & resins from across the earth. Each ethically sourced and included for its individual & unique properties.
Proudly produced in the mystical land of Glastonbury, England, our incenses can aid your own ceremonial, shamanic, ritual or magical practices or used simply for their fine aroma.

Evergreen: Hand collected Muna, Palo Santo powder, Wild forest herbs, Pine Needles, Red Sage, Native American White Sage

Everchanging: Wild Forest Herbs and flowers, Palo Santo, Red Sandalwood

Imbolc: Jasmin Flowers, Collophany, Ethiopian Maydi and Beyo Frankincense, Dammar Gum, wild collected White Lilly petals, 

Dragon Rouge: Sandalwood powder, Ethiopian Myrrh, wild summer solstice flowers, Benzoin resin

Holy woods: Cedar Shavings, Palo Santo shavings and powder, Ethiopian Myrrh, Wild Galangal, Mimosa Teniuflora, wild Cinnamon, wild Callumus Roots. 

Greenman: Wild Spring forest herbs, Gold Copal, Fossilised Copal, Gold Collophany, Dammar Gum, Callumus Roots, Wild Flower Petals

Communication: Native American White Sage, Pine Resin ( Sangre d Christos mountain) Palo Santo, Cedar shavings powder and needles, Myrrh, Maydi Frankincense

Blazing Star: Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Red Sage, Fossilised Copal, Beyo Frankincense

Forest Blend: Wild collected Spring and summer forest herbs, Callamus Roots, Juniper berries, Wild pine resin and needles, Galangal roots, Red Sandalwood

Goddessence: Ethiopian Myrrh, Gold Copal, Fossilised Copal, Benzoin, White Sage, Sandalwood, Wild Rose petals, Verbena, Blue Lotus flowers

Intention: Ethiopian Maydi Frankincense, Dammar Gum, White Sage, Palo Santo, Gold Copal, White Copal, Fossilised Copal

These incense blends are best burnt on a charcoal disc. You can find these here.

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