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Red Reishi Tincture

Red Reishi Tincture

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Experience the power of mushrooms with our Red Reishi Tincture, a potent concoction of wellness and vitality. Grown and extracted by our trusted farm partners with over 40 years of expertise, we offer nothing short of the highest-quality mushroom products in the UK.

The tincture's primary constituents, the 1,3-Beta Glucans, are notoriously hard to extract due to their bond with mushroom cell walls in raw form. We've cracked this natural code with a unique steam activation process, which breaks down these cell walls, releasing the 1,3-Beta Glucans from the chitin and significantly enhancing bioavailability.

As a result, our Red Reishi Tincture offers you optimal benefits, delivering these crucial compounds directly to your system for maximum absorption and efficiency.

Experience the comprehensive wellness advantages of Red Reishi in a convenient, easy-to-consume tincture.

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