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Pure Yemen Incense Sticks

Pure Yemen Incense Sticks

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Hand rolled incense sticks from Yemen. 

These hand-rolled incense sticks unfold a natural fragrance, created from 100% natural high-quality ingredients and lots of love.

100% chemical free and without synthetic fragrances. 

Environmental friendliness and organic methods are at the heart of our grassroots initiative.

Our approach involves working closely with local Yemenis who climb date palms to harvest the dry leaves. The sticks are then skilfully carved from the leaf stalks.

We use honey from our immediate community to bind these sticks and rely on local charcoal to make sure they burn perfectly.

Support our grassroots initiative ( in Yemen to strengthen the community in a direct, sustainable and fair way. Together we can make a difference!

4 Varieties:

Frankincense - 'Calming' -  Balsamic fresh & sweet

Myrrh - 'Cleansing' - Balsamic spicy & bitter

Myrrh (Socotran) - 'Seductive' - Musky sweet & spicy

Dragons Blood - 'Strengthening' - Exotically potent & clear

Burn time - approx 1 hour. 

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