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Nukini Onca Rapé Snuff

Nukini Onca Rapé Snuff

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Experience the depth of your meditation like never before with Nukini Onca, a potent creation from the Nukini tribe - known as the people of the Jaguar. This blend, crafted by a young tribal leader and revered Rapé (hapeh) master, is designed to enhance your spiritual journeys and open the doors to profound introspection.

In the Nukini language, the Jaguar is referred to as Onca Pintada, symbolising the fierce and focused nature of this blend. Though subtly formulated, the Nukini Onca carries a deep power that unveils itself gradually during your meditation practice. It serves as a stimulant to the mind, helping to keep your mental state clear and free from distractions.

Invite the spirit of the Jaguar into your meditation routine with Nukini Onca. This Rapé snuff blend is more than just a tool for deep meditation - it's an experience that connects you to the rich culture and wisdom of the Nukini tribe. Order your Nukini Onca today, now available for delivery in the UK.

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