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Nukini Lourim Hapeh

Nukini Lourim Hapeh

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Nukini Lourim rapé (hapeh) snuff is an exquisite preparation from the Nukini tribe. The blend exudes a deep forest essence, subtly fragrant, that grounds your senses and resonates warmth through your energy centre long after the powder has been blown out.

This special snuff blend is known to have been prepared by the tribe's head shaman, infusing it with high frequencies and deep healing properties. Nukini Lourim tenderly connects with the heart, offering just the right amount of intensity to your spiritual journey. The after effects are profoundly soothing, as if a subtle cleanse has taken place within your system.

Suitable for both newcomers and experienced users of snuff alike, blends from the Nukini tribe such as the Nukini Lourim rapé offer an excellent introduction to the world of shamanic snuffs.

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