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Kuripe (Classic Bamboo)

Kuripe (Classic Bamboo)

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Simple bamboo Kuripe for self-administration of shamanic snuff.

This handcrafted tool, used for administering healing plant powders, is an integral part of the Amazonian tribes' ceremonial practices.

Crafted from durable, sustainably-sourced bamboo, the Classic Bamboo Kuripe offers an organic, authentic touch to your self-administered healing rituals. Its unique design, featuring a V-shaped conduit, allows for self-application of plant medicine, typically rapé (or 'hape') snuff.

Our Classic Bamboo Kuripe is lightweight yet robust, allowing you to take it wherever you go. It's a perfect companion for meditation, yoga, spiritual practices, or simply when you need a moment of personal healing.

You can buy shamanic snuff to go with your Kuripe here at Herbal Dimensions with worldwide shipping dispatched from the UK.

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