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Palo Santo Incense bar

Palo Santo Incense bar

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Palo Santo Incense bar, handmade in Ecuador.

Approx 10-12cm in length x 2.5cm diameter

Ingredients: Palo Santo, caapi, myrrh, sahumerio.

Purify your space with our Palo Santo Incense Bars, crafted by hand in Ecuador. Measuring approximately 10-12cm in length and 2.5cm in diameter, these large bars are composed of a unique blend of ingredients: sacred Palo Santo, Caapi, aromatic Myrrh, and Sahumerio.

When lit, these Palo Santo incense bars produce a rich, fragrant smoke, perfect for cleansing and revitalising your space. Their size allows for them to be broken into smaller sections, providing you with multiple uses from just one bar. Create an environment of tranquillity and harmony with the mystic aromas of our Palo Santo Incense Bars.

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