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Frankincense Hydrosol

Frankincense Hydrosol

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Botanical name: Boswellia spp.

Other names: Frankincense, Olibanum

Family: Burseraceae

Parts used: resin

Introducing our Frankincense Hydrosol, a gentle and versatile botanical water crafted from Boswellia resin. With its ancient roots and renowned therapeutic properties, Frankincense Hydrosol offers a refreshing and soothing experience for your skincare and wellness routines.

Known for its rejuvenating and calming effects, Frankincense Hydrosol is a natural toner that helps to balance and hydrate the skin. It can be used as a facial mist to revitalize and promote a healthy complexion, or as a refreshing body spray for a cooling sensation.

This fragrant hydrosol is also cherished for its grounding and uplifting aroma, making it an excellent choice for aromatherapy. Simply mist it in your living space or incorporate it into meditation or relaxation practices to create a serene atmosphere that promotes a sense of tranquility and inner peace.

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Frankincense, a prized aromatic resin sourced from the Boswellia genus of trees. Available for purchase in the UK with worldwide shipping, our Frankincense products offer a unique experience of history, wellness, and spiritual enrichment.

Frankincense is derived from a number of Boswellia species including B. sacra (Hojary or Beeyo), B. carterii, B. frereana (Coptic resin or Maydi), B. papyrifera (Sudanese Frankincense), and B. serrata (B. thurifera, Indian Frankincense or Salai). Harvested as naturally exuding or intentionally cut 'tears' from the bark, this translucent sap hardens into distinct, teardrop-shaped lumps bearing a signature yellowish tint.

The premium 'green' or 'royal' resins, with their lighter colour, are revered for their superior therapeutic properties, as well as for use in incense. Darker resins, while primarily used for incense, also provide an aromatic experience marked by a balsamic lemon scent, featuring pine undertones, unique to each variety.

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