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Frankincense 'infused oil' Balm

Frankincense 'infused oil' Balm

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Herbal Dimensions Frankincense ‘infused oil’ Balm is a wonderfully aromatic balm perfect for the skin and the joints.

Made using Yemeni Royal grade Frankincense resin infused into organic MCT oil and organic beeswax this balm is infused not only with the wonderful aroma of Frankincense but also contains a wide spectrum of the compounds found within the resin including boswellic acids.

Boswellic acids are found within some Frankincense resins and have been well studied for their therapeutic properties.

Whilst the vast majority of Frankincense balms are made using the essential oil of Frankincense these will not contain the beneficial Boswellic acids found in an infused oil preparation.

Available in 15g & 30g tins. 

Handmade at Herbal Dimensions. 


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