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Experience the transformative properties of Dammar Resin, a natural resin derived from the Shorea species of trees, and a cherished resource in traditional practices. Now available for purchase in the UK, this rich resin is valued for its versatile uses in both the artistic and spiritual realms.

Also known as cat-eye resin, Dammar is renowned for its transparency and sheen, making it a popular choice in the creation of varnishes and protective coatings for wooden furniture. It is also used in food technology as a clouding or glazing agent.

In the spiritual realm, Dammar Resin has been used for centuries in incense form. When burned, it releases a light, citrusy aroma known to cleanse the atmosphere and create a calming, meditative space.

Whether you're seeking a superior varnish ingredient for your artistic pursuits or a unique resin to enhance your spiritual practices, our Dammar Resin offers an authentic experience rooted in tradition.

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