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Cabaclo parica

Cabaclo parica

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Experience the potent relaxation effects of our traditional Parica blend, a unique creation by a non-indigenous Caboclo who was raised amidst the forest from an early age. This blend initially offers a powerful intensity that gradually evolves into a deep sense of relaxation, providing hours of tranquility.

The ash used in this blend, derived from the locally renowned Parica tree, also known as Xixa, enhances the strength of the rapé. The Parica tree is renowned for its medicinal properties, especially in treating respiratory ailments, and is often used in teas and other remedies.

The impact of this blend is profound, completely dispelling distractions and offering tranquility to both the mind and body. It makes an excellent choice for use in ritualistic contexts, fostering a serene environment. Experience the unique power and calming effects of our traditional Parica blend.

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