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Breu branco (Protium heptaphyllum)

Breu branco (Protium heptaphyllum)

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Breu Branco, also known as Almecega, is the Pano Indigenous term for the resin of the Almecegueira tree, scientifically known as Protium heptaphyllum, in the Burseraceae family.

This resin is widely recognized as Brazilian Frankincense. Various subspecies of this tree exist, each producing resin with unique scent profiles that differ based on the geographical region. The resin used by tribes such as the Yawanawá is renowned for its exceptional quality, as it is wild-harvested from untouched forests.

Prayer rituals within the Yawanawá tribe and most of the local populace are incomplete without igniting coals and burning a substance known as Sepá. In situations of illness, interpersonal or community disputes, or an overall negative energy build-up, the first step usually involves burning Sepá to purify the atmosphere. The smoke of the Sepá is believed to carry their prayers and intentions.

Generally, the resin is used fresh from the tree, but sometimes it is also dried for use. The resin is burnt over coals and is highly effective for purification rituals or simply to bring a soothing, peaceful energy to any space or ceremony.

This incense resin can also be used with charcoal discs, which are available in our shop, providing a fragrant ambiance to your environment.

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