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Agua de Florida (Peruvian)

Agua de Florida (Peruvian)

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Agua De Florida or ‘Florida water’ as it is also known is an American version of Eau de Cologne. First introduced into New York City by perfumer Robert I. Murray in 1808 it is still made to this day to the original recipe by the company Lanman & Kemp Barclay. It is named such after the famous 'Fountain of Youth'.

It has a citrus base but with a sweet orange emphasis (instead of the lemon and Neroli of the original Eau de Cologne) and includes spicy notes of lavender and clove. In addition to its clean and refreshing fragrance, Florida Water has been used over the years to tone the skin, freshen the air, calm the nerves, relieve headaches, reduce fevers, prevent infection, and soothe an itching scalp. It is used as a body splash, toilet water and can be added to bath water.

Florida water is made in both New York and Peru. We stock Peruvian Florida water which is made using sugarcane alcohol that gives it a sweeter and more vanilla scent. It has a yellow colour in comparison to the blue hue of the New York variety.

Peruvian Florida water is often used in shamanic and ceremonial circles as an energy and space cleanser.
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