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African Dream Root (Silene capensis)

African Dream Root (Silene capensis)

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Botanical name: Silene capensis/undulata

Other names: Xhosa name; iindlela zimhlophe - "white ways/paths"

Family: Caryophyllaceae

Parts used: roots

Silene capensis, also known as the African Dream Root, is a potent plant rooted deep in the spiritual traditions of the Xhosa people of southern Africa. This sacred root, central to shamanic rituals, has been traditionally utilised in Ulbulawu preparations for its potent dream generating properties.

As a revered spiritual medicine, Silene capensis facilitates communication with ancestral spirits. It is a cornerstone in the initiation process of shamans, renowned for its ability to induce vivid and lucid dreaming. It is this capacity to enhance dream recall and intensity that has gained it global recognition.

The preparation process of this sacred root is a ritual in itself. A small portion of the root is meticulously ground with water to create a frothy white emulsion. This froth is then ingested, paving the way for a heightened dream state in the nights that follow.

Silene capensis falls under the category of naturally occurring oneirogens, substances that promote dreaming. It shares this classification with the renowned Calea zacatechichi, commonly known as the Dream Herb. Both are celebrated for their dream-enhancing properties, making them a key interest for those intrigued by the power of dreams and spiritual exploration.

Drawing on the traditions of indigenous cultures, Silene capensis provides an authentic pathway to a deeper understanding of dreams and spiritual connectivity. By exploring this unique plant, one can tap into the shamanic wisdom embedded in the sacred rituals of the Xhosa people.


None known.


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