How to make Frankincense water -

How to make Frankincense water

What is Frankincense water?

Frankincense water is an infusion of Frankincense resin in water. It is a traditional middle eastern preparation and now gaining popularity elsewhere. It is simple and easy to make, tastes great and is one method of obtaining some of the many health benefits associated with Frankincense.

What are the benefits of Frankincense?

Frankincense has been used as a traditional natural medicine by many peoples for millennia.  It is commonly found in Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicine systems.  It has been used traditionally as an anti inflammatory in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, swelling, pain, asthma, bronchitis.  It promotes blood circulation and is used to treat blood stasis.  It is used to treat ulcers and gastro-intestinal disorders and has been used for good oral health. It has also been used successfully to treat various cancers and tumours. 

Modern scientific research has identified that the Boswellic acids within Frankincense resin are responsible for some of its major therapeutic qualities and have demonstrated the following pharmacological effects; anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-ulcer & anti-oxidant. Further research is now required.       

More on this to come in subsequent articles.

How to make Frankincense water

Step 1 - Gather your ingredients

You will need the following:

  • 1 tsp Frankincense resin (only lighter resins such as Royal or Green should be used - available here)
  • a glass bottle or large jar (500ml-1000ml is perfect)
  • a kettle


Step 2 - Add your Frankincense

Take your Frankincense resin and add it into your bottle or container. We have been using a teaspoon of resin for a 750ml bottle.


Step 3 - Add your water

Boil water, let is cool for a minute or two and (carefully) pour into your container. We like to part fill the container, close it and then give it a good shake and then top the bottle up afterwards. You should see your water go cloudy as the frankincense resin dissolves into the water.

NOTE: The water will be very hot, please exercise caution when pouring and shaking your jar or bottle.


Step 4 - Let is cool

Allow the infusion to cool. It is often cool enough in a couple hours but you can leave it to continue to infuse overnight.


Step 5 - Ready !

Your Frankincense water is ready to drink. I drink about a glass a day. It tastes like it smells... great! You will still see there are pieces of Frankincense left in the bottom of your jar/bottle. Once you have consumed all the water you can add more hot water to the left over Frankincense in your bottle and repeat the process.  

Whilst Boswellic acids are mainly lipophilic (fat soluable) a reasonable amount are extracted into the water.  We like to eat the remaining resin to ensure none of the beneficial qualities are wasted.


 What Frankincense should I use?  

Traditionally the lighter-coloured resins are used for therapeutic consumption.  Our suppliers recommend the Royal and Green as suitable for therapeutic use. You can try to intake the amber resin, all-natural and with no side effects. However, the lighter resin is more pleasant.

Frankincense resins available here.


The information presented here is meant for informational purposes only. We make no prescription for use or make any claim to treat any illness or disease concerning products we offer or content discussing any herbal product or supplement.  Please consult your GP or other qualified health practitioner before taking any herbal product.
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